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The ECPR Press publishes original research from leading political scientists and the best amongst young scholars in the discipline. Its scope extends to all fields of political science, international relations and political thought, without restriction in either approach or regional focus. It is also open to interdisciplinary work with a predominant political dimension. Publications by the Press are refereed by either the members of the Editorial Board or by external readers.

Since the ECPR's establishment in 1970, publishing research in political science and political thought has been one of its key activities, initially through the publication of specialised journals for the profession, and subsequently with the launch of several specialised book series in collaboration with academic publishers.

In 2005 the ECPR launched its own publishing imprint: ECPR Press, with the intention of offering a service to the profession and the political science community by promoting the publication of high-quality research from young scholars (ECPR Monographs) and by republishing books that had made a significant contribution to scholarship in political studies, but were no longer available (ECPR Classics). Since then, it has progressively expanded its scope with the publication in English of work by more established scholars, which had already appeared in other languages, as part of the Monographs series; and by printing several volumes of general interest to the profession.

The ECPR Press now has a growing list of high-quality works in its catalogue and in 2011 two new series were added. ECPR Studies in European Political Science and Essays.

Further information on the Press and on its four Series can be found in its Scope and Aims document.


The following eBooks from ECPR Press are available on  Google Books.

ECPR Press eBooks on Google Play

Democratic Institutions and Authoritarian Rule in Southeast Europe - Danijela Dolenec  NEW

Exploring Euroscepticism in Online Media Coverage - Pieter de Wilde; Asimina Michailidou; Hans-Jörg Trenz NEW

From Deliberation to Demonstration: Political Rallies in France, 1868-1939 - Paula Cossart NEW

Hans Kelsen and the Case for Democracy - Sandrine Baume NEW

Why Aren't They There? The Political Representation of Women, Ethnic Groups and Issue Positions in Legislatures - Didier Ruedin NEW

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