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 Advice for Submission of a Monograph proposal based on a PhD

If you are considering submitting a proposal for the Monographs series based on a PhD thesis completed in the last two to three years, and if this is your first book, please follow the guidelines for the Monograph series.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. ECPR Press does not publish PhD theses as such. It is therefore important that you think of the submission as a book. As part of the peer review process, we require (in addition to the full proposal) a complete draft of the text, for assessment by our referees. This can be either a fully revised text or the original thesis. If the latter, please indicate how you propose to develop it for publication.

Some obvious things you may want to consider to transform a thesis into a book:

  • Sections normally included in a thesis such as, the ‘literature review’, the ‘methodology’, or ‘further research’, are often unnecessary for a book and should probably be woven into the general argument.
  • Think of the organisation of the book as functional to its main scope (adding to the knowledge of a topic or an area of research; presenting an argument in an original and engaging way; offering a useful overview; etc), and not as demonstrating your competence in the field, which is what a PhD thesis is also required to do.
  • Changes to the style may also be important; avoid making your text didactic in its presentation, or too long in its exposition, unless this is required by either the topic or the approach chosen.

We welcome the inclusion of the PhD examiners’ reports. Examiners are often experts in the field, and you may also wish to take into consideration their criticisms and suggestions when developing your book. Of course, the examiners’ reports are not a substitute for the peer review process but, when considered with the referees’ reports, they can offer useful pointers to the Press editors for assessing the submission.

Finally, submissions from PhD theses will be subject to the usual refereeing process. This is likely to be more stringent than journal article submissions, since there is no previous publication record.

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