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Europeanisation and Party Politics Europeanisation and Party Politics
How the EU affects Domestic Actors, Patterns and Systems
Erol  Külahci (Editor)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907301841
Page Extent: 228 pp

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About the Book

A sophisticated theoretical framework and up-to-date analysis of the Europeanisation of domestic party systems and political parties' policy stances. This book covers a range of contemporary topics: party systems, policy stances of political parties, opposition/co-operation over European integration, cleavage theory of party response to European integration, domestic depoliticisation and EU representation. It presents a sophisticated political analysis of Europe, and an exceptional amount of factual information about European countries and parties.

'This is a careful and very considered analysis of the impact of European integration on domestic parties and their party systems in a variety of different European countries. The questions addressed by the authors are familiar, but they seek new answers by adopting a strong, systematic and theoretically sophisticated approach to the analysis of national patterns. Focussing on politicisation and depoliticisation, as well as on the conjuncture between change at the level of parties and of party systems, Erol Külahci and his co-authors offer a substantial contribution to the literature on European integration and party politics.'
Peter Mair, Professor of Comparative Politics, European University Institute

'The focus of Erol Külahci's volume is on the impact of European integration on the party systems and political parties: it includes a pertinent introduction, eight deep domestic case studies, one acute chapter on European parties and a stimulating comparative conclusion. With the relevance of the argument, the high quality of empirical data and the rigour of the comparative method, this book is not only important for the analysis of political parties: it's also a real contribution on the issue of democracy and European Union.'
Marc Lazar, Professor of History and Political Sociology, Sciences Po (Paris)

'Europeanisation and Party Politics is a deeply informed analysis that will take its place among the very finest resources for those interested in the politics of Europe. It synthesizes a vast amount of information on national and European parties and party systems, and it makes a serious contribution to our understanding of whether and how these have been affected by the debate over Europe.'
Gary Marks, Professor of Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

'Surprisingly enough, the impact of European integration on national parties and party systems has been almost neglected by political analysis until recently. This book represents an important contribution to the debate on the Europeanisation of national party systems which has gained momentum as the impact of European integration and European policy making on the conflicts within national party systems is becoming ever more visible.'
Thomas Poguntke, Professor of Comparative Politics, Heinrich-Heine-Universität (Düsseldorf)


  Pub Date:

January 2014


Stefano  Bartolini (Contributor)
David S  Bell (Contributor)
Iosif  Botetzagias (Contributor)
Nicolò  Conti (Contributor)
Jean-Michel  De Waele (Contributor)
David  Hanley (Contributor)
Isabelle  Hertner (Contributor)
John  Loughlin (Contributor)
Anna  Pacześniak (Contributor)
James  Sloam (Contributor)
Sorina  Soare (Contributor)
Rafael  Vázquez-García (Contributor)
Christoforos  Vernardakis (Contributor)
Luca  Verzichelli (Contributor)


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