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Masters of Political Science Masters of Political Science

Donatella  Campus (Editor)
Gianfranco  Pasquino (Editor)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780955820335
Page Extent: 260 pp

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About the Book

For a while now, political science as a discipline has been big enough (in terms of the number of academics) and analytically mature enough to justify reflections on and reviews of its achievements. In fact, there is no lack of general handbooks, dictionaries and 'state of the art' assessments (as well as 'reflective' journals such as the ECPR's own European Political Science), which are useful in helping us to understand and evaluate where we currently are and where we might still need to go. The focus of these texts, however, is on particular concepts, themes, research areas, institutions or behaviour. What they rarely do is indulge in a critical reflection on the political scientists themselves, especially those who are commonly accepted as having made the most significant contributions to the growth of their discipline. This book fills an important gap in the growing reflective literature on the political science discipline: it consists of a series of 'objective' profiles of the 'Masters of Political Science', written by political scientists who have read and studied their work and who are therefore in a position to evaluate the nature of their contributions.

The Masters:
Robert Dahl, Anthony Downs, David Easton, S. E. Finer, Samuel P. Huntington, Juan J. Linz, Seymour Martin Lipset, Giovanni Sartori, Sidney Verba, Aaron Wildavsky,
Hans Morgenthau

. Masters of Political Science was originally published in Italian by il Mulino Publishing House. Also available: Maestri of Political Science Volume 2, ISBN: 9781907301193


  Pub Date:

September 2009


Donatella  Campus (Contributor)
Ian  Budge (Contributor)
Gianfranco  Pasquino (Contributor)
Hans  Daalder (Contributor)
Domenico  Fisichella (Contributor)
Giorgio  Freddi (Contributor)
Hans-Dieter  Klingemann (Contributor)
Ursula  Hoffmann-Lange (Contributor)
Keiko  Ono (Contributor)
Angelo  Panebianco (Contributor)
Philippe C  Schmitter (Contributor)
Clyde  Wilcox (Contributor)


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