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Gendering Politics, Feminising Political Science Gendering Politics, Feminising Political Science

Joni  Lovenduski (Author)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910259146
Page Extent: 364 pp

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About the Book

Before the 1980s, women were written out of much of European political science, largely wilfully, on the grounds they had no separate or different political life from men. Joni Lovenduski was one of the feminists who attempted to change the perception that women were political minors, providing evidence of their attitudes and participation as well as rethinking the discipline to accommodate gender relations. This book is a collection of some of the essays that attempted to correct that bias, and includes new introductory and concluding essays that reflect on what has changed in the course of the years.

'This important collection shows how Joni Lovenduski, one of the pioneers of gender and politics research, has consistently challenged the gender-blind assumptions of political science. Chapters demonstrate the range of Joni's work – moving from representation to political parties and public policy – as well as its sophistication. She also interrogates the relationship between feminism and political science, showing us convincingly that feminism needs political science at the same time as political science needs feminism.'
Georgina Waylen, University of Manchester

'A pioneer in studying women and politics.'
Susan J Carroll, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

'Joni’s seminal work laid the foundations for comparative gender politics.'
Miki Caul Kittilson, Arizona State University

'She has been responsible for producing some of the best political science we have on the subject of women and politics.'
Albert Weale, University College London

'Joni created the intellectual and organisational space for future generations of gender and politics scholars to grow and thrive.'
Judith Squires, Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Bristol

'Joni Lovenduski has been an inspiration and role model to many young academics working in Britain today. At a time when the casual misogyny of much popular culture is a source of increasing concern, the intellectual case for feminism needs to be heard loud and clear. Joni continues to make that case with energy and passion.'
Helena Djurkovic, CEO, UK Political Studies Association


  Pub Date:

July 2015


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