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Maestri of Political Science Maestri of Political Science

Donatella  Campus (Editor)
Gianfranco  Pasquino (Editor)
Martin  Bull (Editor)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907301193
Page Extent: 256 pp

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About the Book

This book continues the editors' work (started in the volume “Masters of Political Science”) of highlighting and re-evaluating the contributions of the most important political scientists who have gone before. Its basis is the belief that the future development and sophistication of the discipline will benefit from a critical understanding of the works of early political “giants” whose contributions are presented and analysed: Gabriel A. Almond, Raymond Aron, Philip Converse, Maurice Duverger, Stanley Hoffmann, Paul Lazarsfeld, Arend Lijphart, Elinor Ostrom, William H. Riker, Stein Rokkan and Susan Strange. The editors review and consider the contributions of these maestri to the study of contemporary democracy, political culture, electoral systems, political communication, the transformation of capitalism and state formation in Europe. Maestri of Political Science is aimed not only at a new generation of political scientists but is a valuable opportunity for established scholars to see new light through old windows. Also available: Masters of Political Science Volume 1, ISBN: 978-0-9558203-3-5


  Pub Date:

June 2011


Eugenia  Baroncelli (Contributor)
Daniele  Caramani (Contributor)
Robert  Elgie (Contributor)
Jocelyn  Evans (Contributor)
Daniela  Giannetti (Contributor)
Hans  Keman (Contributor)
Stephen  Launay (Contributor)
Michael D  McGinnis (Contributor)
Martin A  Schain (Contributor)


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