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People, States & Fear People, States & Fear
An Agenda for International Security Studies in the Post-Cold War Era
Barry  Buzan (Author)
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781785522444
Page Extent: 318 pp

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About the Book

This book is also available as a paperback, ISBN 9780955248818

25th Anniversary Edition

This widely acclaimed book examines how states and societies pursue freedom from threat in an environment in which competitive relations are inescapable across the political, economic, military, societal and environmental landscapes.

Throughout, attention is placed on the interplay of threats and vulnerabilities, the policy consequences of overemphasising one or the other, and the existence of contradictions within and between ideas about security.

Barry Buzan argues that the concept of security is a versatile, penetrating and useful way to approach the study of international relations. Security provides an analytical framework between the extremes of power and peace, incorporates most of their insights - and adds more of its own. People, States & Fear is essential reading for all students and researchers of international politics and security studies.

A new introduction, placing this classic text in a current context, was added to this book by the author in 2007.

Praise for People, States & Fear

'People, States & Fear has been the most influential book in modern Security Studies. In fact, without it there probably would not have been a modern Security Studies to speak of. First published in 1983, it was a landmark study, reinvigorating the concept of security. The second edition from 1991 cemented the book’s status as the core text explaining what widening and deepening security entailed. To understand why Security Studies evolved as it did, People, States & Fear is a must read.'
Lene Hansen University of Copenhagen


  Pub Date:

May 2016


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