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Transnational Policy Innovation Transnational Policy Innovation
The OECD and the Diffusion of Regulatory Impact Analysis
Fabrizio  De Francesco (Author)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907301254
Page Extent: 224 pp

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About the Book

This book analyses the role of the OECD in diffusing policy innovations. Through the study of regulatory impact analysis (RIA), it shows how transnational networks affect national policy process. De Francesco's analytical framework encompasses the institutional features as well as internal and international determinants of a policy innovation such as RIA. Drawing on original data sets, three empirical analyses assess to what extent government decisions to adopt, implement, and evaluate RIA were driven by the OECD.

Transnational Policy Innovation argues that concepts of policy innovation diffusion provide a useful framework for understanding the dynamics of transnational governance. It shows that the OECD has been successful in framing and diffusing a template of evidence-based decision making. However, downplaying RIA as an instrument of political control has limited the influence of the OECD's peer review and comparative indicators on the administrative and institutional setting.

'Fabrizio De Francesco examines the factors that have encouraged and inhibited the spread of regulatory impact analysis among nations. Relying on a sophisticated grasp of theory and an innovative use of different methodologies, his book makes a substantial contribution to the literatures on policy diffusion and comparative regulation.'
William F West
Professor and Sara Lindsey Chair, Texas A&M University

'Fabrizio De Francesco offers an insightful quantitative assessment of this spread and its causes; he finds that transnational networks of information sharing, here notably via the OECD, have had a major impact. This book raises the bar for careful empirical studies of regulation, RIA, and the diffusion of policy innovations.'
Jonathan B Wiener
William R and Thomas L Perkins Professor of Law, Duke University

'As scholars, we have long suspected that the OECD plays a critically important role in diffusing national policy innovations, but we have struggled to explain when, how and indeed why this might be the case. Drawing on a sophisticated mixed methods approach, this important new book seeks to shed new light on the OECD's activities, focusing on the policy tool of impact assessment. I predict it will change the way scholars of international organisations and national public administration think about this most mundane but quietly influential of international actors.'
Andrew Jordan
Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

'Fabrizio De Francesco puts forward a compelling and nuanced analysis of the influence of the OECD on national regulatory policies. The Diffusion of Regulatory Impact Analysis shows clearly the power of the OECD in shaping national agendas – but also its limits. This book belongs on the shelves of all serious scholars of regulatory governance.'
Fabrizio Gilardi
Professor of Policy Analysis, University of Zurich


  Pub Date:

August 2013


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