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National Identities and Foreign Policy in the European Union National Identities and Foreign Policy in the European Union
The Russia Policy of Germany, Poland and Finland
Marco  Siddi (Author)
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781785522796
Page Extent: 224 pp

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About the Book

This book examines the relationship between national identity and foreign policy discourses on Russia in Germany, Poland and Finland in the years 2005–2015.

The case studies focus on the Nord Stream pipeline controversy, the 2008 Russian-Georgian war, the post-electoral protests in Russian cities in 2011–2012 and the Ukraine crisis. Siddi argues that divergent foreign policy narratives of Russia are rooted in different national identity constructions. Most significantly, the Ukraine crisis and the Nord Stream controversy have exposed how deep-rooted and different perceptions of the 'Russian Other' in EU member states are still influential and lead to conflicting national agendas for foreign policy towards Russia.

'At a time when Europe and its relationship with Russia is in state of continuous turmoil, Marco Siddi offers to scholars and the policy community alike a work of intellectual depth and breadth which enriches our knowledge of Russia and allows us to look forward with greater awareness to what lies ahead.'
Derek Averre, University of Birmingham

'This is an intellectually ambitious and wide-ranging study of policy formation vis-à-vis Russia in Germany, Poland and Finland, but also provides a powerful insight into the evolution of identities and foreign policy in the European Union as a whole. Russia is constituted as a threatening outsider, reshaping the identities of member states as well as Russia itself. An important book that deserves a wide readership.'
Richard Sakwa, University of Kent


  Pub Date:

July 2017


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